Using Floor Cleaning Products for Restaurants and Other Stores

The flooring in a commercial kitchen must be cleaned properly because the pores on the tiles absorb oil and water very easily. If the surfaces aren’t washed regularly, the grout will become contaminated. To increase safety in a commercial environment, you must invest in good floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY.

General Cleaning Advice

To clean grout and tile efficiently, you must mop the soiled areas evenly with a strong cleanser and warm water. If you vacuum the floor in advance, less dirt will end up in the mop bucket during the cleaning process.

When cleaning laminate flooring, avoid water-based cleansers because the moisture will damage the material. If the floors are heavily soiled, carefully scrub the surfaces with a damp micro fiber mop.


Quality Commercial Cleaning Supplies and Equipment in Buffalo, NY

Schools, hospitals and businesses of all kinds are the lifeline of the New York state communities, including Buffalo, NY. It is absolutely necessary that these places be kept clean and in good running order as they are used heavily by members of the public who, in the cases of hospital, are often in need of critical care. Dirty schools, hospitals and businesses are, therefore, simply not acceptable. It is necessary that such institutions have the best cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY. Below are some of the few commercial cleaning equipment and supplies that these institutions and businesses should use to keep their surrounding environment clean and ready to serve the general public.


Clean floors are a necessary part of any sanitary environment. Floor scrubbers can be in the form of simple mops and brushes, or heavy-duty ones like ride-on or walk-behind machines. Floor cleaners from brands such as Hydro-Force, Betco, Minuteman, EDIC are among the best in the industry.

How to Impress your Commercial Cleaning Clients and Earn Referrals

By design, your commercial cleaning business is meant to enhance your client’s reputation. A great cleaning company is all but invisible to the companies that they serve. That means that your most effective advertising comes from customer referrals. Given the nature of the commercial cleaning business, how should you conduct business in such a way that keeps current customers happy and earns you new ones?


Floors represent the largest visible area of any business. How you service a company’s floors heavily influences your client’s perception of your cleaning service’s competence. This means using a quality commercial vacuum cleaner for carpeted areas and the right floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY for bare floors. The cleaning products you choose must never leave a sticky residue that attracts dirt. Likewise, a cleaner that leaves a powdery residue gives the impression that the floors are not properly cleaned.

Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Products for Your Business

When it comes to wintertime in Buffalo, mud and salt dominate the exterior landscape and the lobbies of countless businesses. Even when the snow cover keeps the landscape looking attractive, the fact is that your customers are going to drag incredible amounts of slush and grime into your business.

Even when they wipe their feet, the track can still be seen going through the lobbies and across carpeting and hard flooring surfaces. This is why you need to invest in the best cleaning supplies in Buffalo NY.

Heavy Duty Machines for Heavy Duty Jobs

When you’ve got a wide aisle that’s riddled with footprints and solidifying slush, you need a tool that’s up to the challenge. Whether you have vinyl floors in a little boutique or have invested in beautiful marble for your high-end retail store, you can use floor polishers to restore the shine to your floor after the dirt and water has been cleaned away.