Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY Keep Healthcare Providers Going

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 1 out of 20 patients will acquire an infection during a stay at a healthcare center. This translates into nearly $33 billion in preventable healthcare costs per year. Healthcare Facilities Today reports on the importance of floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY and how they could save millions for the industry.

Highest priority
Now that Medicare and Medicaid funding depends greatly on how healthcare providers protect patients from hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), reducing the incidence of these diseases via effective cleaning and disinfecting in and around patient rooms has become one of their highest priorities.


Ensure Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY are People- and Planet-Friendly

Chemicals and cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY will always be a part of our daily lives because of the benefits they bring, whether it’s for home, school or the workplace. Even products labeled “green” or “natural,” however, should be scrutinized for possible corrosive or flammable ingredients. The American Lung Association writes about the safety of commercial cleaning products.

Volatile organic compounds
More commonly known as VOCs, these can cause health problems such as headaches and irritation to the eyes and throat and are linked to asthma and other respiratory diseases. They are released into the air when products that contain them are used. Other chemicals that have a similar effect include bleach and ammonia.