Rent or Buy? Make the Right Choice When Needing Janitorial Equipment


Maintaining your commercial property involves regular cleaning using heavy-duty janitorial equipment. You may choose to rent or purchase the equipment depending on which you think is more beneficial. Both options, however, have their fair share of pros and cons.

The Benefits of Buying

Buying your own janitorial equipment in Buffalo, NY can eliminate the need to hire professional cleaners and their equipment on a regular basis. This means you can save a lot of money in the long run. It is also more efficient, because you can have janitorial equipment ready whenever you need them, be it early in the morning or late at night. Read more on this article:


Office Maintenance 101: Floor Cleaning Products Every Business Needs


For your business to be successful, you need to be productive. One way to increase company productivity is by keeping the work environment clean and hygienic. The average worker loses approximately nine days of work each year due to sickness, which can be prevented by maintaining cleanliness in the workplace. Not to mention, clean offices can certainly boost mood and positivity compared to a cluttered one. Keeping employees happy and healthy is a surefire way to increase your business’ productivity.

To keep your floors in a good shape, here are some of the things you need to try.


There are so many applications to microfibers. Since the microfiber is a cleaning cloth made of synthetic polymers, it’s a green way to clean. Its fibers can pick up and hold dirt instead of pushing it around like traditional fibers. Due to its reusable nature, you can save money and reduce waste and still be clean at the same time. You can use microfibers virtually everywhere: in the pantry, bathroom, desks, shiny surfaces, and floors. Microfiber mops are the recommended cleaning products to prevent scratches on shiny floor surfaces. Read more on this Article:

Maintaining Hardwood Floors Using the Right Floor Cleaning Products


Each type of floor has its own unique traits, and thus requires unique cleaning methods. While simple sweeping is all it takes to keep some floors clean, hardwood floors will require slightly more complex techniques and special products to clean and maintain it. Commercial establishments that have hardwood flooring, like restaurants and specialized shops, may find it a little difficult to keep their floors clean and looking like new all the time, especially in high traffic areas.

To make sure your establishment’s hardwood floors are being cleaned properly and with the right cleaning products, consider the following factors: Read more from this blog:

Ways to Maintain Your Restaurant Floors with Janitorial Equipment

The taste of food and how it is served aren’t the only factors that make a restaurant a success. Cleanliness and sanitation are crucial as well. No matter how impressive the menu is, customers won’t be happy if the environment is dirty and unhygienic.

Since you’re serving food, it’s necessary to make the customers feel that what they’re eating is healthy, clean and safe. Maintaining a clean restaurant will also increase the productivity of your staff while ensuring their safety and well-being. Read more from this blog

A Look at the Rising Demand for Janitorial Equipment in Buffalo, NY

The rising sales trend is also seen to be the result of ongoing product development in the cleaning product industry, which has resulted to higher value items. Facilities and business managers can therefore expect better-quality janitorial equipment in Buffalo, NY and other places. Leading cleaning equipment and supply companies like HJS Supply, Co, can be expected to carry the latest and the most advanced products for the cleaning industry.

The article also says that the sales of automated floor cleaning equipment will benefit greatly from improved economic conditions, as companies will now be looking to replace their old machines. Multipurpose, durable floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY and other places will most likely be in demand, to replace older equipment.

3 Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY that People Can Readily Use

Simple solutions can often solve seemingly complex problems. This is true even in the matter of cleaning—which is why residents of Buffalo, NY should try some simple cleaning solutions before using sophisticated ones.

According to Joseph Lewitin, water is one of the best cleaning solutions:

It may seem like an oversimplification, but there are many situations where pure, clean water is the best solution for cleaning needs. This is especially true for ceramic, hard tile, and many natural stone floors. Cleaning products can leave streaks in the surface of these tiles, while some natural stone will actually have a negative chemical reaction to cleansers, causing them to permanently stain.

Sometimes, however, water is not enough. Here are three other basic floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY that people can readily use.


Brooms commonly come in three types: corn, push, and synthetic. Corn brooms are all-purpose sweepers, as they have strong handles and stitched bri

Restaurant Owners Need Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY for Better Customer

“In order to clean commercial building floors more effectively, business owners and building managers should invest in appropriate floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY. Different types of flooring—such as wood, tile, and carpet—will require specialized equipment to stay clean. Janitorial product distributors, like HJS Supply Company, offer a wide array of carpet cleaning machines, low and high speed floor machines, and auto scrubbers for such surfaces.

Tile floors need to be cleaned regularly with brooms, dust mops, and mops to avoid dirt build up and to maintain the floors’ shine. In order to remove unwanted stains on the tile floors, scrub pads and effective cleaning chemicals should be used. Moreover, bleach should never be used on commercial tiles, as applying it could lead to discoloration.”

Restaurant Owners Need Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY for Better Customer

“In Buffalo, New York, the Government of Eerie County checks food establishments regularly for food preparation, cleanliness of space, and proper operations. However, there are still a few that need to work on keeping their places clean; and not just the dining area, but every nook and cranny of it. To keep restaurants totally spotless, it’s important that owners invest in good cleaning equipment and an efficient janitorial staff, and purchase effective floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY to assure customers that sanitation is among their priorities.

According to a social media study conducted by specialized services provider Cintas Corporation, restaurant owners must give primary attention to the floors, restrooms, tables, kitchen, which are among the dirtiest spots, and remind their staff to follow company policies regarding cleanliness. “

Providing Various Types of Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY

“Among the many janitorial equipment in Buffalo, NY that are available are burnishers, dryers, extractors, floor machines, pressure washers, scrubbers, vacuum and many others. Clients have also access to absorbents, bleach, disinfectants or sanitizers, floor cleaners and other cleaning chemicals. Cleaning supplies are also provided such as brooms and dust pans, brushes, mops, sponges, sweepers, funnels, and similar other products.

In fact, you name them and these cleaning supply companies can provide them, including environmentally-friendly options. You can even rent any of the equipment you need if buying is not your option. This makes the janitorial equipment and supplies industry a lucrative field indeed.”