What to Disinfect Using Cleaning Supplies to Thwart Colds and Flu


Flu season has just about everyone on high alert, especially busy employees and companies. Colds can spread through hand-to-hand contact with contaminated things whereas flu can also be acquired from unclean surroundings. To prevent and contain colds or flu outbreaks, you should ensure the cleanliness of workplace if you’re the facilities managers or head of the department responsible for cleaning and maintenance. Here are the top three things to use cleaning supplies on to reduce the risk of dispersing colds and flu viruses.

Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are used frequently, making them common places for germs to multiply and spread. Use commercial cleaning products that are appropriate for different kinds of surfaces and disinfect them at least once a day. There are cleaning and disinfecting solutions meant to protect leather and wooden surfaces. Chairs should also be cleaned daily, especially the arm rests. Wiping tables and chairs clean several times a day will also reduce dust and molds that can cause allergies which have symptoms similar to colds. Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2uRDei9


Spotting the Top Signs of Real ‘Green’ Commercial Cleaning Products

Cleaning products

Environmentalists have been saying that ‘green’ is the new gold. With the general public’s rising awareness of the harmful effects household cleaning materials wreak on our health and environment, it is only natural for consumers to try to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The Truth About Other Green Products

Sadly, there are some janitorial cleaning supplies that take advantage of this new market trend. They mislead the naive consumer with information and boasts about being green, thus creating confusion in the buyer’s mind—enough to just say, it must be green because it says so. After all, deciphering all those multisyllabic words on a container is better left to a scientist, right? Read more from this blog http://bit.ly/2mk3Je0

Important Cleaning Supplies to Use When Cleaning Commercial Floors


There are many areas you need to clean in your building, with the floors being one of the most important areas on which to focus. Cleaning tasks don’t have to drag on and cause stress if you use the right floor cleaning products.

Ride-On Floor Scrubbers

When it comes to cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY, one of the best types to have is a ride-on floor scrubber. Just as the name implies, the operator sits on this machine while it cleans floors. It is large and lets your staff clean large areas more quickly than walk-behind floor scrubbers.

Because these machines practically do all of the work, your employees won’t be as tired throughout the day. This also helps improve safety because they’ll be more attentive when moving around your building or warehouse. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2jGT3mV

Non-toxic Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY a New Priority for Buyers and Sellers

“In the past few years, the market has shifted to favor environmentally-friendly cleaning products. If you’re looking for non-toxic cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY, several stores, such as HJS Supply Company, focus on the sale of Earth-friendly goods. You should look for companies who provide not only what you need, but also quality service and instruction that can educate you for when you choose the right products.

In the fight to preserve the Earth for future generations, it is very important to consider even the smallest details of your daily life. Thus, when purchasing commercial cleaning products in Buffalo, NY, try to think about what you’re using and the impact it would have on your environment, yourself, and your family. There are, after all, so many existing green alternatives that clean just as effectively, such that using the same old t chemicals to do the same job.”